Catholic Wedding Package, Barceló Bávaro Grand Resort
Choose one of our wedding packages to celebrate your catholic wedding.

Choose one of our wedding packages to celebrate your catholic wedding:

•Blueberry Dream

•Mint Breeze •Strawberry Passion

•Tangerine Sunset

•Catholic wedding package do not apply for the coconut paradise wedding package.


For weddings in the Catholic Church:

•The couple who wishes to get married by the sacrament of matrimony in the Atlantic Parishes of the Diocese of Altagracia has to get in touch with their own parish priest minimum 6 months or more to begin the Preparation for their Wedding. We only perform the ceremony here; we absolutely cannot give the service of Preparation here.

• After the Wedding, the Parish will take charge of the Legal Procedures of Matrimony with the Dominican State through the “Oficialía” of Friusa(Bávaro). The hotel will send the Certificate of marriage to the couple, and it normally takes two to three months.

•The wedding ceremony will take place at the Catholic Church inside the resort “Oratorio Virgen de San Salvador”, Will never take place on the beach, or close to it, or close to a no-so decent place for the ceremony of a Sacrament. It is not allowed by the catholic church of Dominican Republic.

•Kindly ask the wedding department of Barceló Bavaro Beach resort for all the documentation needed to get married in the Catholic Church by the Dominican Law.

• To confirm the wedding date/time, all the documentation needs to be send at least 2 months prior to the diocese. The parish priest will confirmed all the documentation; same will be return to the couple after the wedding.



The Catholic Church is available from Monday to Saturday (except Sundays) dates and times to perform wedding ceremonies at our Resort, are subject to the priest confirmation.

 Catholic wedding are performed in the church, other locations are not permitted by the church.

Applies to most of the wedding packagess
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