Bohemian weddings, the latest in bridal trend
If what you are looking for on your big day is a wedding where nature and simplicity are the stars, you are looking for a bohemian wedding.

These are wedding ceremonies held outdoors, either on a beach, countryside or forest. But most importantly, the harmony with the environment, simple dresses and lack of protocols are the real stars at this kind of hippie weddings.

If you are set on a bohemian wedding we suggest a few necessary tips for it to be a success:

1. Weddings surrounded by nature

It is essential that the wedding be held outdoors, in an environment that brings peace and quiet. To make it easier for the guests, it can be organized in an outdoor area near a rustic property or a charming hotel. For example, if the wedding is held on an exotic beach in the Caribbean, the base could be a hotel such as the Barceló Maya Palace Deluxe, located in the middle of the Riviera Maya.

2. Hippie wedding without rules or conventions

During a bohemian wedding there is no protocol to follow. In fact, normally there are no strategic chairs or tables to place the guests. The whole organization of the wedding is done according to what the bride and groom are comfortable with. For example, a lounge type area can be created with cushions on the floor and live music to relax. Everything is possible at a bohemian wedding.

3. Handmade wedding details

The decoration at a bohemian wedding and the gifts for the guests are very important to create a special atmosphere at all times. At this type of wedding, the handmade concept is more popular than ever. Therefore, the wedding decoration can be made by the bride and groom themselves at home, such as floral arrangements, candles as lighting elements and ethnic prints on table cloths or cushions. Also, at many bohemian weddings the desserts can even be made at home including the wedding cake.

  1. Natural and relaxed bride and groom

The wedding dress and the groom's suit must be comfortable, simple and made from eco-friendly materials. For her, the basic floral ornaments for her hair and loose dresses, with romantic lace and feminine cuts. For him, vests are normally chosen instead of tuxedos and double breasted jackets or three piece suits in pale colors, such as gray or cream colored. Oh, and no tie! Or, if not, an original tie and very trendy. In any event, the bride and groom must always appear nonchalant and natural.

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