Nobody knows how complicated it is to get married except those who have organized a wedding. Nobody knows better than a newlywed couple how important the personalization and details of that wedding are. For that reason, Barceló Weddings was designed based on the ideas and recommendations that different couples in the world gave on this important process in their lives. A follow-up of 12 couples for 2 months was performed to know their concerns, doubts that came up, their worries and the hierarchy of their decisions and actions. 6 couples from the US and 6 couples from Spain and Latin America that we have coexisted with to get to know them as much as possible.

Which couples participated in the Barceló co-creation Wedding process?

  • Israfel & Evelyn (29 years old, from Miami) reached out to us while they were organizing a religious wedding for 80-100 guests.
  • Michelle & Alex (39 and 40 years old, Chicago) they have children and celebrated a religious Jewish wedding for 90-100 guests.
  • Alexis & Adam (31 and 34 years old, Miami), they told us about the process of organizing a civil ceremony for 90 guests
  • Nathalie & Jamie (34 and 36 years old, Miami) they provided us with many ideas of their Christian wedding for 260 guests with the help of a wedding planner.
  • Aixa & David (40 and 33 years old, Chicago) Newlyweds in a civil ceremony for 150 guests in the middle of the Caribbean.
  • Lauren & Luis (28 and 29 years old, Miami) they were our hosts while organizing a civil wedding for 200 guests.
  • Also, another 6 couples from Mexico and Europe helped us get a clear view of those little details and preparations that transform an ordinary wedding into a memorable lifetime event.
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