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Legal & Catholic Weddings, Occidental Caribe
For legal or Catholic weddings the client must pay a supplement additional to the wedding package: Legal Wedding US$550.00 and Catholic Wedding US$650.00

Legal ceremony


  • This is an official ceremony officiated by a Judge of the Civil Service. Date and time are subject to the availability of the Judge. Legal weddings are not held on Sundays or holidays. The ceremony will be held in Spanish.
  • For a faster and reliable legalization and translation service of your documents, we recommend get in contact with "WE DO", E-mail:
  • Mandatory requirements for civil weddings:
  • Original and a copy of the Affidavit of Singleness, properly notarized. (Boyfriend and girlfriend). The signature of the Notary must be apostilled.
  • 1 original apostille, and a copy of the Birth Certificate (Bride and Groom).
  • If parents' names are not listed on birth certificates, please indicate them separately.
  • 1 photocopy of the passport (Bride and Groom).
  • In case of previous marriage, 2 photocopies of the certificate of divorce or death, duly apostilled.
  • There is a waiting period of 10 months, for women, after divorce, before getting married again
  • The documentation must be sent 90 to 30 days before the wedding. You have to bring the originals and certified translations, when traveling for your wedding. DO NOT SEND YOUR DOCUMENTS TO THE HOTEL.


Catholic ceremony:


  • Choose any of the following wedding plans for your Catholic wedding celebration:
    • Mint Breeze
    • Strawberry Passion
    • Tangerine Sunset
  • For marriages in the Catholic Church:
  • The couple wishing to marry for the Sacrament of a Marriage in this parish of the Diocese of La Altagracia must present themselves to their parish of residence to begin their preparation with a minimum of 6 months or more in advance. The hotel is not responsible for the preparation for the future spouses, we only perform the celebration.
  • The Parish will take care of the legal procedures of marriage with the local Office.
  • Legalization (if necessary) will be done through the Parish. The Hotel will be responsible for delivering the
  • Certificate of Civil Marriage to the couple.
  • The celebration will be done in our Gazebo overlooking the garden. It will never be done on or near the beach, nor near a place that is not suitable for the celebration of a Sacrament. This is a prohibition of the Church.
  • Ask the wedding department of Occidental Caribe all the documentation necessary to fulfill for the celebration of canonical marriage in the Dominican Republic. In order to confirm the date and time of the celebration, all required documentation must be sent at least 2 months in the original directly to the priest. The Priest will verify the legality of the documents delivered; the documents will be returned to the couple after the celebration.


*** Our Catholic weddings are available from Monday to Saturday, the days and times of celebration of Catholic marriages are subject to the confirmation of the priest, according to his availability.

550,00 USD
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