Barceló Huatulco
Weddings by the Pacific Ocean
Pacific Coast, Mexico
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Huatulco, weddings right by the sea
Barceló Huatulco***** is located by Tangolunda Bay, the largest of the 9 bays in the region.

Huatulco, meaning ‘the place where wood is worshipped’, is a genuine beachside tourist attraction, with natural surroundings and the luxury accommodation provided by its facilities. The perfect place for a wedding on the beach.


The weather in Huatulco is very pleasant any time of the year, with 345 days of sunshine per year and an average temperature of 28º C (82º F). The dry season runs from November to May; it does not rain at all during this period, making Huatulco a privileged location for a honeymoon on the beach.


Guests are free to arrive a few days before the wedding or they may prolong their stay after the event and visit the beautiful bays and beaches in the region. The strategic location will allow them to enjoy excursions throughout the natural surroundings, deep sea fishing and the 18-hole golf course at the Huatulco Golf Club.

You must see…
The secrets of Pacific Coast
The 9 Bays
The nine bays of Huatulco are along the coast of Oaxaca, between the mouths of theCoyula and Copalita Rivers. Here visitors can explore the mountains, hillsides andvalleys of the region, with plenty of vegetation and many species of trees, plus thebeaches with their primitive rock formations and the magnificent submarine parks.
Eco-archaeological Park
The eco-archaeological natural park surrounding the bay offers many entertainmentoptions for the guests at the wedding. Those who enjoy diving can explore thewonderful coral reefs, those who are adventurous can go kayaking, rafting orcanoeing down a river, and those of you who like to take it easy can bathe and soakin the sun rays on virgin beaches with plenty of sand dunes.
Coffee Plantations
The Oaxaca Sierra grows some of Mexico’s best coffee grains and a large variety oftropical flora. A visit to the coffee plantation takes you to the picturesque town ofXadani, impervious to the modern world; there you can discover the secrets of freshcoffee and taste the end result.