Recommendations to survive a wedding if your parents are divorced
If your boyfriend or you have divorced parents and there is no way they can be together in the same room without arguing, then you will be interested in this

We all know there is nothing more uncomfortable than to deal with divorced parents on the day of your wedding. But, even though it seems impossible that things will turn out fine, we have good news for you: they can. You only have to follow a few golden recommendations:

1. Speak to your parents (individually) before the wedding

It is good to talk especially on this occasion. You have to meet with each parent separately and express your concerns regarding their behavior on the day of the wedding. They will probably understand and make an effort to go through the wedding ceremony as best as they can just to make you happy.

2. Ideally, the parents should be as far apart as possible during the wedding

As much as divorced parents try to make an effort not to ruin the good spirits at the wedding, some distance should be maintained at all times. For example, if the wedding is held outside the city and guests are staying at a hotel, it would be better to stay at different hotels. If there is only one hotel, request separate floors.

3. Chose a wedding guest as mediator

It is possible that among the guests at the wedding there is a common friend to both parents that can help calm the waters should there be a problem. Or, simply, that can make sure that the divorced parents run into each other as little as possible and have a good time during the wedding. It is better to assign this responsibility to a trusted person than having to run around yourself on the most important day of your life making sure that everything runs smoothly.

4. Reorganize the bride and groom's table

This is maybe the most important issue and where the bride and groom have the most doubts on how to deal with their divorced parents at the wedding. Although it does not seem like it, there are many solutions to not have to sit your parents at the same table as the bride and groom at the wedding banquet. One option, for example, is for the bride and groom to sit alone at a table and the parents be separated among the family and close friends. Or much better: instead of sitting alone, the bride and groom can sit at a table with their best friends.

5. Parents accompanied by new partners

A little trickier. Although everything depends on the family situation, if one of the parents has found another partner, he/she should have the choice of attending the wedding accompanied. In this case, the distance between the divorced parents during the whole wedding should be even more defined.

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