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With some incredible views of the city and the peaceful ambiance surrounding it, the Barceló Managua is situated in one of the most exclusive zones of the Nicaraguan capital, just 5 short minutes from the center of the city.

Managua is located in the western part of the Central American isthmus, on the shores of Lake Xolotlán, where a pleasant climate of warm and constant temperatures predominates, and the sun reigns for the better part of the year. That's why it's an ideal destination for celebrating a most special wedding.

Historical and nature tourism go hand in hand in this Central American country that offers an infinite variety of spots, like the old colonial cities of Granada, Masaya or León, and traditions to discover, as well as its handcrafts, cuisine and the joyful character of its inhabitants. Also, the great biodiversity the country shelters, with jungle and tropical forest, savanna and volcanic landscapes, makes Nicaragua a surprising destination to start life together as a couple.

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The secrets of Nicaragua

The country's capital is an essential trip if you decide to celebrate your wedding and stay at the Barceló Managua. In addition to the wide offering of leisure activities near the hotel, with restaurants, large malls, bars and clubs, the visit to its historic center is worth it. Here you can discover many buildings from its colonial past, the beauty of old and new Cathedral, investigate its militant past in the Plaza de la Revolución and visit enclaves with names originating from illustrious people such as the Puerta de Salvador Allende or the Rubén Darío Theater.

Parque natural de Masaya

One of the natural spaces of greatest beauty in the country. Declared the first National Park in 1979, with some 20 km of paths and roads bordering several volcanoes and five spectacular craters. The Masaya Nature Park is, therefore, an essential trip for those couples with an adventurous spirit who want to discover the wild nature of the country.


Considered one of the oldest cities in the country, founded in 1524, also known as “The Great Sultan” because of the Moorish aspect of much of its architecture. Among its most representative monuments are its numerous churches, like San Francisco, the lion square or the old railway station. Granada is located one hour from the capital and has other nearby places of great interest to tourists such as the great Lake Nicaragua, Masaya Nature Park and the white villages.