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Between tradition and modernity
Couples who celebrate their wedding at the Barceló Costa Vasca will have the incredible opportunity of discovering San Sebastián, a city where past, present and future live in delicious harmony.

Located in northwest Spain, this small "big city" on the Cantabrian coast is famous for its culture.


San Sebastián has a maritime climate, making it one of the wettest cities in Spain. July is the driest month. Its temperatures are mild and temperate, with an annual average of 15°C. However, the apparent temperature can be higher in both summer and winter due to the humidity.


If the couple decide to extend their stay at the hotel, they can enjoy the culture of the city and visit some of its most iconic features, such as la Concha Bay and the Miramar Palace.

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The secrets of Basque Country
The Miramar Palace

Facing La Concha Bay, this English style palace was built in 1893 at the request of the Spanish royal family. It was purchased by the San Sebastián city council in the 1960s. Its gardens are open to the public and are a genuine treat to walk through, particularly as they have one of the best views of the bay.

La Concha Bay

The famous La Concha Bay stretches between Mts. Igueldo and Urgull. This unique bay contains two of Spain's most famous urban beaches, Ondarreta and La Concha. There is nothing more romantic than strolling along the promenade that runs along La Concha Bay and ending the day watching an unforgettable sunset.

Peine del viento

The Peine del Viento is located at the foot of Mt. Igueldo, next to the bay. The sculpture created by Eduardo Chillida has become one of San Sebastián's most iconic symbols. It comprises three steel sculptures embedded in the rocks that overhang the Cantabrian Sea.