Hashtag love
Why you need a hashtag for your wedding
Hashtag simplifies your wedding planning, because it organizes all photos on social media for you

As you begin to wind down and relax post-wedding, chances are you’re curious to see some scenes from the big day. Your professional photos won’t arrive for anywhere from two to six weeks, and you know you’ll want to relive the day sooner than that.

Luckily, your guests (and maybe even you!) will have snapped and posted shots to social media throughout the day, offering a glimpse of behind-the-scenes and informal shots.

Poking around individual accounts for photos, however, is not an ideal way to spend the day. The solution? Create a wedding hashtag. On the outset, it might seem like an unnecessary addition to our planning: it’s one more thing to keep track of and one more direction to give your guests. In fact the hashtag simplifies your planning, because it organizes all photos on social media for you. No more hunting down photos by searching social media accounts one-by-one or haranguing friends for the pictures they took. Sure, you’re likely to be tagged in some photos, but the hashtag can gather all your photos—even those at the bridal shower and engagement party—under one easily searchable tagline.

Hashtags are also just fun to use. Your guests will love adding a witty tagline to the pictures they take (and chances are they’ll want to look through photos from the day too).

Anatomy of a Hashtag

What should your hashtag look like? Aim for a phrase of 25 characters or less that combines your and your fiancé’s names and references your upcoming nuptials: think along the lines of ‘down the aisle,’ ‘getting hitched,’ or ‘tie the knot.’ Friends and family can be a great resource for finding a good line—chances are you have someone in your family who’s a pun whiz. You can also head to Pastbook.com. Enter your name and your fiancé’s name, and the tool will generate several fun suggestions.

Keep in Mind

  • Before you decide on a hashtag, do a quick search on Instagram or Facebook to make sure no one else is using your creation. Don’t worry about changing the name if past weddings used the same one—what you want to avoid is having to sift through other wedding photos posted during the same time period. If someone else is using the same hashtag, think about how you can tweak yours (such as adding the year).
  • If you want your hashtag used for photos taken at bridel showers and the bachelorette party, make it a priority to create and spread the word about it early on. It can be helpful to post a photo of your own—either with your engagement announcement or engagement photos—that includes the hashtag.
  • Make sure you tell your guests to use the hashtag! Include the tag and instructions for posting on the invitation or Share-the-Date, including a note on your wedding website, and add to table place cards or the ceremony schedule.
  • Photos from friends and family are no substitute for those from a professional photographer. Informal shots will capture many priceless moments, but you’ll still want the crisp, unfiltered images from a professional photographer.
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